Thursday, November 22, 2018

Wholistic Life-Coaching

Wholistic Life-Coaching (via Video Calls on Phone or Laptop) 

We offer wholistic and more inclusive life-coaching that balances mind-body-heart-soul-spirit.  Each session is personalised to the individual’s unique needs as arises in that present moment.  It may include:
  • Spiritual direction
  • Simple counselling
  • Art therapy
  • Somatic therapy – based on physical movements e.g. simple stretches, pilates, taichi, dance, yoga etc
  • Soul energy healing
  • Simple psychology
  • Happiness and Positive Psychology
  • Minimalist lifestyle
  • Work-Life-Balance
We recommend trying 3 sessions or 8 sessions over a period of two consecutive weeks for "best effect". 

Fee per session: $200 (SGD or AUD) / £115 / US$150 - about 40-60 mins
Special Offer: 
3-session package: $500 (SGD or AUD) / £288 / US$399
8-session package: $1300 (SGD or AUD) / £749 / US$979 - almost 20% discount

Contact us at to book your sessions.

Supervision – Caring for Carers
We are also experienced in providing supervision and care for professionals in the above fields, so feel free to contact us for self-care and professional supervision.

Training to Join Our Team
Try a consultation session with us first before discussing with us the possibility of getting train as one of our team of Wholistic Life-Coaches.

Thank you and may wishes to all who visited us here.

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